Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to attend Challenge Foundation Academy?

Any student living in the state of Indiana is eligible to enroll at CFA.

What is the cut-off for kindergarten?

August 1st

What paperwork do I need to have to enroll my child?

Students need:

  1. Copy of Birth Certificate
  2. Copy of Social Security Card
  3. Copy of Immunization Record
  4. Proof of Residence (e.g. Copy of Utility Bill)

What, if any, fees do I need to pay?

There are book rental fees for CFA students.
Book rental fees are $65.00 for kindergarten students and $80.00 for grades 1-5. If you qualify for free or reduced lunch, book rental is free. Breakfast and lunch are offered each day for students. Breakfast is offered at $1.45 ($0.30 reduced) and lunch is $2.45. ($0.40 reduced).

Is there tuition?

No. Challenge Foundation Academy is a tuition-free public charter school.

What is a Charter School?

A charter school is public school that receives public money but has been freed of some of the rules and regulations that apply to other public schools in exchange for a higher level of accountability in meeting determined by the state.

Charter schools were created to provide innovative educational choices for students and their families. Charter schools may choose their own academic program and set policies that reflect the school’s mission and goals.